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What is a Green Collar Job?

White Collar and Blue Collar are traditional colorful distinctions of the different employment sectors. White collar employment includes salaried professionals and clerical workers. Blue collar employment involves manual labor. Now a third sector is emerging and is growing in both popularity and support: the green collar worker.

A green job is an employment and/or entrepreneurial position that focuses on environmentally responsible products and/or services. The job can be in a green company or in a company that focuses on reducing the consumption of natural resources, preventing pollution and promoting environmental responsibility. Any occupation and industry can offer green career opportunities to qualified job seekers.

Any organization that seeks to improve upon the environment is considered “green”; and if it employs individuals to that affect, then it has created green collar jobs. Green collar jobs include any that involve the design, manufacture, installation, operation, and/or maintenance of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

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